04 September 2017

A great big brownie smile! I took an online course about design and this is my project: encouraging 3rd and 4th graders to send their classmates in flood ravaged Texas a cheerful brownie treat and a note of support.

05 February 2016

Tanzania goes wild for Utton Bay

Twice a year, Cynthia from my dance class fills two suitcases to the 50-pound-brim for her trip to Tanzania. She offered to bring a summery surfeit of Uttons, declaring her girls are always cold, no matter how sweltering the heat.  Here is a splendid portrait of the The Girls Foundation of Tanzania that does my heart good.

01 October 2013

It seems so long now...

since we've reported our home-grown adventures and findings, but it's the back•to•school season and perche non resume?  On this incomparable first of October, we'll be working in plenty of favorite tunes, beginning with this seasonal
sentimental fave.  Alas, it's not the original recording, but I do believe this is the original artist, and in a blessedly modest setting: her apartment, perchance?
I love the fall, time of new beginnings. How about you?

01 January 2012

Back! (for a moment)

Steadfast readers may recall our "dental signage" series of blog posts past and the jollity derived from unfortunate juxtapositions of dental office exterior signs with neighboring establishments. A recent trip to lovely Medford, MA, provided this example, too good to pass up.
No need to reach for your reading glasses. Simply click the pic to see the business next door in full sun.

09 August 2010

Que Seraph Seraph

Last week a 2002 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph bearing a FOR SALE sign suddenly appeared on the lawn of one of the execu-estates here in Lexy. Who this drive-by display was meant to appeal to is unknown. I mean, who owns a Rolls Royce besides oil sheiks and Thurston Howell III? Hmm, does it come with a driver?

Due to complaints from peevish readers, we have added an additional photo to this blog entry. It features, among other things, the bike rack outside the West Side YMCA on 63rd Street that was responsible for the tripping, falling, wrist-breaking incident earlier this year. Note that this is also the same bad-luck YMCA where Mark David Chapman stayed in 1980.

01 August 2010


After the 100th email complaining that "Patti's not in the pix!" I arranged a rush photo session featuring my newest fashion item: camouflage pattern cargo pants. Made to render combat troops invisible among the weeds, jungle cammo is still very popular in certain hippie-fied sections of Cambridge, and I am told it's mandatory at gun clubs in the suburbs. Not that the we're trying to hide from anything. Just the opposite. We like the rough n' ready air it gives us. Especially when fighting for parking spaces [me first at the health club + (W)hol(e)y Foods]. As those who know me know: I'm rough 'n' tough; don't take no stuff.

31 July 2010

Travels With Raleigh

Submitted by guest blogger JoeY